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Program Overview

Police K-9s are law enforcement officers' best non-lethal aid in the prevention and detection of crime. They save time, money and more importantly, officer’s lives.
There is a growing trend for law enforcement agencies to use dogs in crime and drug prevention education programs in schools. In our research, we discovered that more than 25% of small to medium sized departments (less than 200 officers) were either underfunded or had no funding at all in their K-9 division.
There is an opportunity for individuals and corporations to help meet this need. The National Association of Chiefs of Police is seeking funding to supply police departments with much needed K-9s.
As funding is available, the National Association of Chiefs of Police provides dogs to police departments across the country. Additionally we assist with training, equipment and supply costs for these dogs. The cost of a police K-9 can range from $4,500 to $10,000, depending on the training requirements of both the dog and the handler and any equipment that may need to be purchased to accommodate the dog.
The National Association of Chiefs of Police believes police K-9 units are an excellent way to both prevent and fight crime. We expect that if every department who desires to have a K-9 program can have one, crime in their community will reduce dramatically.

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